Something to Chew On: Reborn

Something to Chew On: For the Children's Soul

About the book

Something to Chew On Reborn

Meditation brings spiritual harmony and balance in our inner selves. As a result, a person who regularly meditates attains a higher state of relaxation.

Within the pages of Something to Chew On, Ari Bouse shows readers a new method of meditation that lets people reconnect with the natural world, most especially to spiritual animals.
The book serves as a guide to monthly meditations that shall bring balance and harmony into our souls. Through every meditation, rebirth occurs wherein you unload the old energy that no longer benefits you and intake a new energy that refreshes your waking life.

“The intention of this book is to help all of us breathe in fresh air into our souls. In that process, may we then exhale the dead air of old ways that no longer serve us so that we are equipped to live authentically,” says Ari Bouse.

About the book

Something to Chew On For the Children’s Soul

Encourage your kids to learn to love nature while they are young. This second book of Something to Chew On book series is especially dedicated to teach children the irreplaceable value of nature to our planet and to us humans. A fun-filled learning experience will commence once you open this book!

The first step to fully enjoy this book is to unplug your gadgets and take this book outside so that you’ll read it with your friends and get closer to Mother Nature.

Discover the most interesting creatures out there, learn how they live, and connect with them through this collection of poems and cool illustrations. You can draw your own animal too!


About the Author

A Reiki master and licensed clinical social worker, Ari Bouse has been working full-time in public schools. Ari enjoys singing, playing music and games, solitude, and spending time with his family. His writings are personal reflection on his unique spiritual path.

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