How to achieve inner peace in life

abouse July 12, 2019

Comprehending top ways of attaining inner peace

Life is full of struggles with lots of difficult situations that need to be dealt with. One can effectively manage these adversities by achieving inner peace and live a life full of happiness. Though there’re many people who believe that this can only be attained by saints and monks, or those who live a recl . . .

Frog and A Full Pink Moon

abouse April 11, 2019

A Full Pink Moon arrives on Friday, April 19th.

Many of our ancestors noticed that this time
brought early Spring vegetation.

May Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd resurrect a
sacred connection between you and Mother Earth in your everyday footsteps.

As Earthlings, we are part of Her Nature.

See clean energy nourishing us freely and abundantly on the
inside and outside around the . . .

Greetings Folks

abouse February 28, 2019

Hi Folks,

On behalf of my new author website, I would like to welcome you to my new blogspot.

As such, I look forward to connecting with interested readers in this way.

I hope you enjoy reading my new Something to Chew On book series.

They are part of my intention and commitment to bring
more meditation and mindfulness into our Planet, and beyond.

Moreover, I hope to inspire you to . . .

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