Exploring different types of mindfulness techniques

abouse September 27, 2019

Comprehending breathing meditation and other techniques to improve mindfulness

Proper practice of mindfulness helps to nurture focus and clarity about the present moment. Stress from family life, work life, and numerous chores can take a huge toll on one’s well being and mental health, but when one is fully present even the most boring tasks can feel amaz . . .

Knowing how to be kind to yourself

abouse September 20, 2019

Evaluating why practicing self compassion is crucial

“Be kind to yourself” is an oft-repeated adage. Though most people value, appreciate, and welcome kindness, they are apparently unaware of why they need to practice self compassion. It’s not uncommon to find people, who are kind to others but tend to dismiss the healing quality and true worth of kin . . .

The importance of meditation

abouse September 13, 2019

Key reasons why meditation in schools should be encouraged

Spiritual truths should be a natural outgrowth of the modern educational foundations. Instead of learning about spirituality bit by bit much later in life, every child coming of age should have repeated exposure to meditation, empathy development, mindfulness, etc. Some may argue this as social engi . . .

Things to know about C-Team unity

abouse September 6, 2019

Reviewing the key strength of a team


Though C-Team players are often relegated to just being present, they can change the direction of a game if a chance is given. While it’s quite easy to devote the entire attention to the highest performers, one shouldn’t neglect the C-Team players and try to leverage the C-Team unity instead.

It’s said . . .

Climate Change And Alternative Energy Starts With You (and Me)

abouse August 30, 2019

Evaluating the importance of renewable energy

Due to climate change, the old world is dying fast right before our eyes. No wonder why solar panels and wind turbines are increasingly becoming a common sight as renewable energy is the key to combat the devastating effects of changes in climate.

Why should one focus on energy produc . . .

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