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Comprehending breathing meditation and other techniques to improve mindfulness

Exploring different types of mindfulness techniques

Proper practice of mindfulness helps to nurture focus and clarity about the present moment. Stress from family life, work life, and numerous chores can take a huge toll on one’s well being and mental health, but when one is fully present even the most boring tasks can feel amazing. Being mindful helps one against depression and anxiety, and thus promotes a healthier brain. Mindfulness refers to the moment-by-moment awareness of sensations, feelings, and thoughts. It involves a polite acceptance of whatever comes into one’s awareness at the moment.


Here’re some key mindfulness techniques that would help one expand the awareness of his/her inner world.

  • Mindful breathing: Also known as breathing meditation, mindful breathing is one of the most popular mindfulness techniques that are focused on breathing. Though living and breathing go hand in hand, people usually focus on the breath only. Paying attention to the breath helps one stay mindful by resisting distractions. It’s important to acknowledge the thoughts if they come. One should let them be and let them go.
  • Noticing body sensations: One should try to notice any sensations which are there during moving the attention gently through the body. It’s crucial to let go of any requirement to understand, judge, or change those sensations. Ideally, the person should do nothing but just noticing them.

While it’s easy to get caught in the habitual ways of feeling, thinking, and doing, mindfulness brings a great sense of meaningfulness to every day, mundane tasks. It allows one to engage the whole of his/her experience moments and senses with a full presence and aliveness.

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