abouse April 11, 2019

A Full Pink Moon arrives on Friday, April 19th.

Many of our ancestors noticed that this time
brought early Spring vegetation.

May Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd resurrect a
sacred connection between you and Mother Earth in your everyday footsteps.

As Earthlings, we are part of Her Nature.

See clean energy nourishing us freely and abundantly on the
inside and outside around the Planet and beyond.

April is a good time of year to clean up
dirty energies that bog down our spirits.

Picture a Frog to help you clear away shadows are dampen your soul.

Meditation on Frog can also help you develop your boundaries
with relation to your self and others.

Instead of seeing yourself as separate,
and disconnected from other people –
try to imagine yourself as part of everything.

But keep in mind that you are your own unique,
diverse expression of unity and oneness.

You don’t have to have same beliefs or outlook as someone else.
Nor do they have to agree with yours.

Politics of living transcends different political ideologies,
as does sensitivity toward the human factor, and all living creatures.

What we can do is learn how to agree to disagree, compromise, and find ways
to discover win-win solutions together respectfully, and without force.

This is how we co-author a new story that moves beyond
perpetrator and victim, predator and prey, punishment and reward.

We take back our power when we take ownership for when we have been victimized,
but more importantly make a conscious choice to
take action to step out of victim consciousness.

Remember that after the thunderclouds roll in, the rain pours down,
and you are feeling lost and alone . . .

Look for a silver lining, and try to make positive interpretations
about what you see arriving in your field of vision.

Following a spiritual path is not all about sunshine and rainbows.
Digesting bitter is a cold, hard fact of life.

If racing thoughts are raining on your parade,
get that frog out of your throat and tell them to stop!

See yourself becoming the changes you
want to see in the world as on their way!

May the path of inner peace light your way,



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