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Evaluating why practicing self compassion is crucial

Knowing how to be kind to yourself

“Be kind to yourself” is an oft-repeated adage. Though most people value, appreciate, and welcome kindness, they are apparently unaware of why they need to practice self compassion. It’s not uncommon to find people, who are kind to others but tend to dismiss the healing quality and true worth of kindness directed toward themselves.

Why being nicer to oneself is important

      1. It encourages the feeling of wholeness

A person has been given only one body and one mind. He/She can’t replace his/her body and mind as if it were a set of dead batteries. Even when the body becomes defective or wears out, he/she won’t be able to order a new body or new mind. This makes it important to nurture both the body and the mind as one won’t be receiving replacements for either. This reason alone justifies being gentle on oneself, which is a crucial ingredient of healthy living as it triggers a feeling of one’s own wholeness. For a person to be at his/her best and serve others effectively, he/she must be whole himself/herself.

      1. It improves emotional resilience

Self-compassion doesn’t encourage the need of comparing oneself to others or inflating one’s own ego. Thus, it can lead to better emotional resilience, since in contrast to self-esteem, one’s heightened feelings of self-worth won’t be dependent on his/her successes.

      1. It leads to a better quality of life

From improved emotional intelligence, wisdom, optimism, and happiness to a higher level of interconnectedness with others, greater life satisfaction, lesser self-criticism, and reduced levels of anxiety, depression, fear of failure, and perfectionism, self-compassion brings several benefits one’s way to let him/her enjoy a better quality of life.

No wonder why many often say – “Be kind to yourself.”


Call to action:

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