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Reviewing the key strength of a team

Things to know about C-Team unity


Though C-Team players are often relegated to just being present, they can change the direction of a game if a chance is given. While it’s quite easy to devote the entire attention to the highest performers, one shouldn’t neglect the C-Team players and try to leverage the C-Team unity instead.

It’s said in the Bible that everyone’s is going to get tired at times and lose hope. In that case, energy can be drawn by A-Team and B-Team from the C-Team. A special energy originates from being part of shared missions, whether it’s to win a game or something else.

It may be frustrating to a have team that lacks competence, or motivation, or both. But its actual level of competence in crucial responsibilities can be assessed by giving them challenging assignments that come with short-term, measurable, and concrete outcomes. Leaders should also be absolutely clear about the deadlines, as well as, the metrics which would help them measure the members’ progress and the results.

The phrase ‘there’s no I in a team’ may seem like a tired buzzword these days, but it’s extremely crucial to those looking to succeed as a team. Team members serve others well through shared responsibility.

Leaders should work on developing a culture which doesn’t encourage to consider ‘me first’ to not only develop C-Team unity but the unity of each team.


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According to you, what can truly help to increase team unity? Let me know in the comments section below. To take the conversation further, you can also reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To have some inspiring reads, be sure to check out my books.



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